Stoneydown Park

What If: Projects

Green space on Blackhorse Road, High Street Ward

Once upon a time Stoneydown Park was farmland. Did you know that the unloved green space on Blackhorse Road was part of a large field belonging to Stoneydown Farm and that this land has never been built on since it’s agricultural past? In 1955 when the Stoneydown Park recreation ground was created from former farmland it included a plot of land left in its natural state and an adventure section. As part of the Making Places commission by Waltham Forest Council and inspired by the sites’ history what if: projects in collaboration with the Friends of Stoneydown Park and two local primary schools are in the process of making plans for repurposing and reviving this currently wasted space.

First Drop-in Events:

What If: Projects in collaboration with the Friends of Stoneydown Park are hosting drop-in events in the park on Saturday 13th October, 3-5pm, and Monday 15th October, 3-5pm. Please come along to share your ideas!


What if: projects research, initiate, develop and deliver improvements to the communal, green and transport infrastructure of London.What if: projects are an award winning RIBA chartered architecture and urban design practice. What if: projects has set up and delivered a number of acclaimed community led projects that address the need for shared space in high density urban environments and on inner city housing estates in London. They have been involved with ambitious
regeneration projects such as Mini Holland in Waltham Forest.