Recreation for Everyone

Build Up

Aldriche Way, Hale End and Highams Park ward

This summer, a group of young people will build a community space for everyone’s recreation at Aldriche Way. Somewhere for BBQ’s and picnics, passing conversations, birthdays, celebrations and other events such as music or theatre performances. 

Every young person aged 14 -18 from the surrounding homes can get involved, learning valuable skills on the way. Young people are in charge of the whole process, from designing to taking on board residents feedback and construction; active participants in how the space is used, shared and looked after.

Aldriche Way Youth Club 9th -13th April 2018

This Easter we’re looking for a team of young people to design what happens in the space. Located on the area of tarmac next to the children’s playground, the new community space will be somewhere for BBQ’s and picnics, meet ups, birthdays and celebrations. Then, in the summer Holidays, Build Up will train a team of local young people to build their design from the ground up.

The project begins on Monday 9th of April, with Build Up on site everyday from 9th – 13th April between 2pm and 5pm. 

Young people can sign up in advance here: or contact project coordinator Neba Sere by emailing

Then on Friday 13th the young people involved in the design process will present their work back to Aldriche way residents, friends and family. Refreshments will be provided from 5.30-7pm and it will be an opportunity for residents to feedback on the proposals before the designs are developed.



Build Up runs practical construction projects for young people aged 6 – 20 to design and build structures in their local communities. Working in schools, playgrounds and housing estates, Build Up enables young people to take on roles and skills they never have had access to before.