The Clearing

Owen Bullett and Smith & Newton Architects

Low Hall Sports Ground, Markhouse ward

The creation of a public clearing in the middle of a forgotten wooded area of the Low Hall Sports Ground. 

A beaten earth circle enclosed by tapered carved wooden posts will define this enchanted meeting place. A suspended glimmering cloud canopy of small metal disks will reflect the light and make a gently audible sound as they shimmer and dance in the breeze.  Roughly hewn wooden boulders will be placed around the clearing perimeter providing seating for beguiled passers-by and entranced playgroup attendees alike.



A collaboration between sculptor Owen Bullett and Smith & Newton Architects, ‘Clearing’ is linked to a shared fascination with primitive structures and inhabitation. Bullett, whose primary material is wood, makes work on a variety of scales, both for exhibitions and to commission.  

Smith & Newton Architects are a London based architecture design studio, actively working across a range of building sectors.